•    “Pomp and Circumstance (March #1)” is also known (incorrectly) as the “GRADUATION MARCH”. 
  • It was written in 1901 by the British Composer Sir Edward Elgar but was never intended to be used at graduations.  It all started when the composer was invited to received an honorary degree at the 1905 Yale University Graduation along with a performance of Pomp and Circumstance at the end.  Soon most of the prominent universities were using it and now almost every school across America uses “Pomp and Circumstance”  for their graduation processional. 
  •    The OSFABB arrangement here uses only the “anthem” or “trio” of  “Pomp and Circumstance March #1”.  This section of the piece was later redone to be used at the coronation of Edward VII.
  • To hear and learn more about “Pomp and Circumstance” just Google Sir Edward Elgar.  There’s plenty about him and his music.                              


  • FLATS! FLATS! FLATS!   look out for the FLATS!!!!
  • Be careful not to turn this rhythm:

Into this rythm:


or visa versa


You can Download this MP3 of “Pomp and Circumstance” for you to practice with or for your Graduating Class to practice with.

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