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Swing dotted 8th-16th notes

>Basicly:  All  dotted 8th-16th note combinations are played like a Quarter note/8th note Triplet combination.

Like This:

dotted8 16
swing - Copy

>However, the “Ragtime” style at the time this piece was written tended to exaggerate the swing feel making the rhythm closer to the dotted 8th-16th rather than the easy 8th note swing feel that came later.

Swing 8th notes

swing - Copy1

>Measure 11 and end of measure 26:



straight 8th's

>Play all 8th notes like in a march or a classical piece of music until.........

a primo

Measures 18 and 30

>Italian... means roughly: in a style at first or like before; Go back to playing the swing feel.

>Don’t use the grammar in measures 15-18 in English class.

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